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// Naruto 673//

I’m crying. I loved the chapter… But that bullet I was talking about last week? It grazed me. I’m super happy that Gai is gonna live, that Madara is getting his ass handed to him finally and that SASUKE FINALLY SHOWED. <3 B-but… He has a single Rinnegan eye…. SURE IT’S JUST ONE. But I can’t handle that. I really didn’t want him to have it. UGH I hope it goes away cuz…… Sharingan. I’m gonna continue to cry over the fact it happened. //pansy

A-ANYWAY… My baby is finally there with Naruto, and they will kick ass together and I’m so excited for it. But something tells me we will be seeing Kaguya showing up very soon…. Want new chapter now please. And for the Rinnegan to disappear when this is said and done.

You’re my best friend and the only one I can count on… Protect the village… and the Uchiha name.

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                               Let's go!

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